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Anonymous: Can't you have a normal conversation with someone who has a different opinion? i was polite. you are rude and insulting.

… I don’t wanna have a conversation with you. :D 

If you think I’m rude and insulting.. okay. Idc. :) ^^

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Sorry, but I cannot agree with you in any sentence. Have you read the books? I doubt it.. How does the story degrade women? Don’t be a stupid feminist. Christian doesn’t abuse Ana at all. It’s a BDSM relationship.. why it shouldn’t be a healthy relationship as well? There are a lot of these relationships out there. It’s no news. Not everyone makes love… they fuck.. HARD.. as Christian said. So don’t be so narrow minded.
And CG didn’t force Ana into it. It was all her choice.. if she didn’t want it, okay, he’d accept it. But she wanted. She said “Punish me. I want to know how bad it can get.” So he showed her.. and yeah after that they broke up.. because it was all new for her. But then she realized that she liked it.
Okay, we could say CG was sick.. in a way.. But it’s totally understable when you look back at his past. He was mistreated like a small child, then adopted by a perfect and rich family and “it’s very hard to grow up in a perfect family when you’re not perfect” and then Christian in his young age was Mrs. Robinson’s submissive. She taught him it. He never had a “normal” relationship.. He was broken. He never felt what’s love until he met Ana. She did help him. She changed him.. completely. He hated to be touched due to his past.. but then even he begged Ana to touch him. He cried in front of her. He even begged her on his knees ..he was nothing without her. He’d do anything for her… and so she would do for him. They would die for each other. She found the light in his dark. She showed him how wonderful person he is in inside. He did so many firsts for her.. 
But it’s useless to talk about it with you.. you have your sick opinion, I can’t change it, I’m sure. If you don’t like it okay.. But why so much hate about the books? I don’t get it and I fucking do not care.
It’s a love story and Christian IS the perfect man.
Bye dear anon and don’t come back if you don’t like Fifty Shades.
"I wanna have my own Christian Grey."Me

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Mr. Grey

Here we go!! Found it, I’m a genius to remember this blog name considering I didn’t open the link in my mail box before sending a message, lol. I REALLY love this shot! Like I said, Bravo!

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We aim to please Miss Steele.
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"Laters, baby©"

Christian Grey 

CEO, Grey Enterprises Holdings Inc.

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I need more from THIS scene…….
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